2019 Event Schedule

2019 Event Schedule

July 13th — 7.00 pm, Docks101, via Nardelli 101 (Locorotondo)

Urban context innovation: Re-build the city

The shift in the places we used to inhabit, the changing of our life-style and our connections with objects and things surrounding us it’s just a starting point. The workshop will teach us re-mind the coming future.


Francesca Bria, president of CDP Venture Capital;
Antonio Decaro, Bari Major and ANCI president
Renata Mele, Head of Strategy for E-cities of Enel X
Evgenij Morozov, sociologist and journalist

Event Host
Beppe Moro, corporate lawyer

July 19th — 7.00 pm — Pettolecchia Beach (Savelletri, Fasano)

Winning models in journalism

Transformation and improvements in the world of journalism and communication, showing the way the news is built, used and spread. The new winning publishing business models becoming more and more relevant in a sensationalistic, exaggerated, sloppy scenery.

Luca Sofri, executive editor Il Post
Christian Rocca, executive editor L’Inchiesta
Federico Ferrazza, executive editor Wired

Event Host
Michele Casella, journalist and master’s degree professor in “Journalism”, University of Bari

July 20th 2019 — 7 pm — Pettolecchia Beach (Savelletri, Fasano)

Where are we heading? Luca Colombo (Facebook), a conversation with Luca Sofri

An open and connected world, new digital and hi-tech solutions, the question of “likes” on social networks, people’s needs, reliability, reputation,  the  circulation of information, news, stories and related verifying tools.

Luca Colombo – Country Manager Facebook Italy
Luca Sofri – executive editor Il Post

July 30th  — 7 pm  Pettolecchia Beach (Savelletri, Fasano)

“Festival, cultural innovation e their effect on local areas”

Recently the most important foreign festivals are considered to be essential part of the cultural heritage according to legal and institutional reasons. To what extent is Italy involved in such projects?

Loredana Capone – Assessor for Tourism and Cultural Sector, Management and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage for Puglia
Guido Guerzoni – professor at Bocconi School of Management, Milan

Aldo Patruno – Tourism Department General Manager, Economy of Culture and Enhancing of the territory, Puglia
Alfredo De Liguori – Marketing Manager Puglia Promozione, Regional Agency of Tourism Puglia
Sergio Ricciardone – Artistic Director Club-to Club
Franco Basile – administrative manager  Viva!festival

Event host
Michele Casella – journalist and master’s degree professor in “Journalism”, University of Bari

August 4th 2019 — 7 pm — Pettolecchia Beach (Savelletri, Fasano)

Luca De Meo and Giuseppe De Bellis: time to talk

The vision of one of the most innovative managers in the world of automotives: an interview carried on by the network director Giuseppe De Bellis about the new idea of mobility and superconnection among cars, environment and humans. An amazing tale about the future ahead.