Cashless rugulation

Cashless rugulation

Viva! Festival

Terms&Conditions for the Cashless System


“Cashless” or “Cashless System”An RFID basedelectronic payment system whichsubstitutes cash (TBD) at the Organizer’s Events.
“CashlessWristband” or “Wristband”A wearable wristbandthatcontains an RFID chip thatallows for convenient and secure Cashless payments to anyTurnèSrl event vendor via a virtualwalletthat can be topped-up at the dedicated Top-upstations and a mean of authentication betweendifferenttypes of Ticket Holders.
“Cashless Platform” or “The Platform”An appthatallows the Customer to manage the Wristband.
“Provider”Aion Lab Srl
“Ticket Holder” or “Customer”Anypersonthatbought a ticket and/or topped up a CashlessWristband
“Event”Any event organized by TurnèSrl
“Credits” or “Virtual Credits”Credits obtained in exchange for Euro on a 1-to-1 ratio.
“Bonus Credits”Credits awarded by the Organizer that are notrefundable, usuallyduringpromotionalcampaigns. Eg. Ifyou Top-up 100€ youreceive 100 Virtual Credits and 5 Bonus Credits. Bonus Credits have the samenominalvalueas the Virtual Credits.
“Account” or “Cashless Account”An account registered on the Cashless Platform
“Top-up”The act of exchanging money with Virtual Credits at Top-up stations or online on the Festival’s app
“Top-up station”A place at the Event where the Customer can do a Top-up or obtain Assistance
“Vendor station”A place at the Event where Virtual Credits and Tokens can be spent.
“Refund”The act of exchanging Virtual Credits for Euro on a 1-to-1 ratio. The Refundisrequested and processed post-event.
“Staff”Personnelemployed by the Organizer
“Operator”Personnelemployed by the Organizer thatoperates on the Cashless System.
“Access Ticket”A titlethatallows the Customer to access the Event.


The CashlessWristbandallows for convenient and secure Cashless payments to anyTurnèSrl event vendor via a virtualwalletthat can be topped-up at the dedicated Top-up stations.

The Wristbandis personal, isassociated with a nominal Access Ticket and must not be exchanged withothers. If the bearer of the Wristbandisnot the Ticket Holder, the Wristbandwill be voided by Operatorsto forbid the purchase and authentication features.


The CashlessWristbandishanded over by the Staff once the Customer successfullygoesthroughall theentrance checks and after the Ticket isscannedsuccessfully.


Registering the Wristband on Viva! app or web platformallows the Customer to do onlinetop-ups, credit balance viewing, purchases and access to promotions at the Organizer’sdiscretion.The standard cost of activating the service is € 2.


Uponregistering, the Customer must link the CashlessWristband to the Account in order to manageall the services available.


2.1 Top-up

2.1.1 Online:

Done online (app or web platform) the online Top-up allows the Customer to buyVirtual Credits ahead of the Event. The Credits will be tied to the ticket barcode and will be transferred tothe Wristbandat the Event entrance. The Organizer and the Provider are notresponsible for anyloss offunds thatmayarise from ticket mishandling and exchanging

2.1.2 Onsite

At the dedicated Top-up stations, the Customer chooses the quantity of Credits according to the price listand pays the correspondingamount in Euros (via cash, credit card, debit card or othermeans ofpayment) to the Operator thatuponsuccessful payment confirmation, transfers the equivalentamountto the Wristband.

2.2 Purchase

The Customer can purchaseanygoodsavailableat the Vendor stations using the WristbandifenoughCredits are available. Exceptionis made for Underage Customers that are forbidden to buy alcoholproducts.

2.3 Refund

Asdescribed in section 1.3,the Customer must link the Wristband to the Account on the Platform inorder to be able to request the refunds of the left-over credit.

2.4 Authentication

The CashlessWristband can be usedas a mean of authentication to provide the Customer access to theEvent and to certainareas inside (VIP Areas, VIP Lounge, Stage, etc).


The CashlessWristbandwill be valid for 7 days from the first top-up. Unlessitislinked to an accountbefore the expiration date asdescribed in section 1.3, the Credits will be terminated.


The customer can request a refund by registeringtheir data on a formthatwill be on the website from 11 to 31 August 2022.If the information providedisincorrect, the Organizer and the Provider arenotresponsible for anyloss of funds.

Refunds are issuedthrough a bank transfer with a processing fee of €2. If the available funds are lessthan the processing fee, the refundwillnot be processed.

A refund can take up to 30 days from the date of the refundrequest in order to be delivered.Bonus Credits are noteligible for a refund.


The Organizer reserves the right to modify the Terms&Conditions by notifyingregistered users by e-mailor SMS atleast 10 days before the changeis due to take effect.

Up-to-date version of the CashlessTerms and Conditionswillalways be available on our site INDIRIZZO).


In case of loss, the responsibilitylies with the Customer: anychanges to the credit balance incurredbetween the loss and the replacement of the Wristbandwillnot be the responsibility of the Organizer orthe Provider.

In the eventuality of the Wristbandbeingmisplacedat the Event, the Customer must refer the 14 digitUID number (found on the back of the Wristband) to a member of the Staff at the Info Points in order toreceive a new Wristband with the previous balance.

In the eventuality of the Wristbandbeingmisplaced after the Event, the customer must contact theOrganizer by sending a detailed email to


The Organizer retains the right to restrict access to the credit on the Wristband, temporarily orpermanently, shouldsuspicious activity in connection with the Wristband be noticed, and willnotify theCustomer if so. The Organizer has no liability for restricting access to the Wristbandbecause ofsuspicious activity.

Access will be reinstatedifitisdeterminedthattherehasbeen no unauthorized use of the Wristband.If the Organizer doesnot complete a transfer from the Wristband in the correctamount (otherthan forrestrictionsbecause of suspicious activity), itwill be liable for the differencebetween the transferredamount and the correctamount.

The Organizer willnot be liable:

a. For anyloss of funds caused by the loss of the Wristband;

b. For anyloss of funds caused by the Customer’sfailure to register to the Platform and link theWristband;

c. If the Wristbandisvoided due to the factthat the Wristbandbearerisnot the Ticket Holder ofthe associated ticket.

d. If the Wristbandhasexpired, or isdamaged or revoked;

e. Ifcircumstances of force majeurebeyondOrganizer’s control prevent atransaction

f. The customer doesnothaveenough money available on the Wristband to make a purchase;


Any dispute arising from the use of the CashlessWristband or resulting from the application of the aboveTerms and Conditionswill be subject to the exclusivejurisdiction of the Court of Bari.