Extra Viva 2022 en

Thursday 4th August

Meeting with Kokoroko and Gilles Peterson: a conversation about the new English jazz scene, Afrobeat, and much more

Celebrated by media across Europe as the revelation of contemporary jazz, Kokoroko arrive in 2022 on their first album with a solid reputation. Starting from the London live scene and inspired by Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor and Tony Allen, these eight young musicians will be at VIVA! Festival with their original sound formula. For the occasion, Kokoroko will also be the protagonists of a talk with Gilles Peterson, the legendary DJ and label manager who already signed them in 2018 for his Brownswood Recordings. The meeting will be animated by Nicola Gaeta, a jazz expert and author for the magazine Musica Jazz, and by the journalist Michele Casella.

Friday 5th August

Free Radio and Web Radio: 50 Years of Media Revolution

With Massimo Oldani, Luca Degennaro, Cesare Veronico and the journalist Michele Casella.

A meeting to talk about the two greatest revolutions of Italian radio: the free radio season that began in 1975 and the advent of the digital age with the diffusion via the Web. Leading the threads of this extraordinary story will be two radio authorities, Massimo Oldani and Luca Degennaro, who together with the Coordinator of Puglia Sounds Cesare Veronico and the journalist Michele Casella will illustrate how this media evolution took place and what opportunities it offered to the creativity of the formats and the renewal of information.

Saturday 6th August

The challenge of innovation: between destruction and creation, transformation and rebirth. Compendium for our next years.

With Francesca Bria and Andrea Prencipe. Moderated by Giuseppe De Bellis

Sunday 7th August

Present and future of art. A map.

Vincenzo De Bellis converses with Angelo Pannofino