Extra Viva! 2023 en

2023 Edition

Human connections are driving the future

Review curated by Natascha Lusenti (journalist) and Angelo Pannofino (journalist)

Sunday 30 July

Nature, science, man

New discoveries surprise us every day, continually changing the balance between man and nature. The role of science, the power of narratives, the fury of popular beliefs.

With Gianumberto Accinelli (entomologist and writer) and Daniele Rielli (journalist and writer)

Monday 31 July

What is the noise of happiness?

We have greater possibilities of living to the fullest, but having many possibilities does not automatically mean being able to realize them all, on the contrary. We would like to have control of all aspects of our lives: technologies delude us that it is possible, but we are human. So? Cultural history of happiness and story of the metamorphosis experienced in the contemporary world.

With Ilaria Gaspari (philosopher and writer).

Tuesday 1 August

(non) Sono solo parole

From puzzles to advertising, from satire to tweets, language brings words into play in a way that captivates us even before convincing us. A dialogue to understand where our way of speaking is taking us.

With Stefano Bartezzaghi (journalist, semiologist, writer) and Silvia Bencivelli (scientific journalist)