2023 Edition

2023 Edition

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A festival tailored to people

The organizers and artistic direction seem to have focused not only on their audience but also on all the variables that make a good event an opportunity for fun and relaxation on the one hand, but also for cultural diversity and research on the other.

Daniele Cassandro, Internazionale, August 7, 2023

The VIVA! Festival does everything right and you only understand it if you experience it

The VIVA! Festival has a gift, and it is that of knowing how to fit together artists who are distant on paper, but who then blend together perfectly in their live shows. What’s more: together they create a narrative with a profound and emotional meaning, which you cannot grasp when you read their names on the billboard, but which you only understand once you are there. It may sound banal, but the three days of the festival, which this year celebrated its first seven years, are a great journey. A journey of those in which you start with some doubts, some resistance, and which instead unfolds happily and ends too soon.

Carlotta Sisti, Elle, August 8, 2023

Avant-garde music in Valle d’Itria: Viva! Festival is back

The Viva! it is the festival that best expresses, in our country, the interweaving between Italy and the international scene, between ancient and modern, between roots and future horizons, in a successful combination of Apulian panzerotti and world-famous DJ shows, an immobile landscape of white walls and swarms of fans in sneakers dancing under the stage.

Valentina Colosimo, Vanity Fair, August 8, 2023

Viva! Talks

August 3 – “Live! I was there”

Luca De Gennaro (Radio Capital), Massimo Oldani(Radio Capital), e Michele Casella (journalist) accompany us into the heart of the musical events that made the history of rock.

August 4 – Notes in the balance: Analog VS Artificial Intelligence

Alessio Bertalot (Radio Capital host), Massimo Oldani (Radio Capital host), and Michele Casella (journalist) help us explore the potential and limits of online algorithms and analogue use up to the new frontiers of artificial intelligence and generative art in the musical field.

August – Post Sonic Warfare

Kode9 (musician), Giorgio Valletta (journalist) and Claudia Attimonelli (university professor) in a dialogue on electronic music, the use of sampling and hybridization with technology.