Wine sharing beauty

 Lavazza, dal 1895 il caffè preferito dagli italiani

BCC Locorotondo, cooperativi per natura

Under the influence of hevolution and hevocation

Red Bull Energy Drink is appreciated worldwide by top athletes, busy professionals, university students and travellers on long journeys.

The ORGANICS by Red Bull ® are produced with ingredients of natural origin and with European Union organic certification. 4 flavor variations – they are not energy drinks.

Red Bull gives you wiiings

Made in Italy trousers designed for those who move between work and leisure, with elegance and comfort

Qobuz joins Viva! and get the chance to make an  unmissable offer available to all music enthusiasts

Since 2007 Qobuz is a commercial streaming and downloading service of hig-res audio for music lovers.

Qobuz is a singular service thanks to the HQ sound (Hi-Res validation) and is contents, offering a 70 milion songs list.

Moreover Qobuz cares about fair salaries for artists and copyright owners.

Acqua Orsini is the mineral water,  Made in Puglia, that aims to build a sustainable and prestigious Brand capable of transmitting purity and quality values.

Acqua Orsini: Noble by Nature, Sustainable by Choice.

Born in 1397, it is one of the 6 official beers of the Munich Oktoberfest

Molino Spadoni, flour specialist since 1921.

Mebimport Group, the leader in food & beverage distribution in central and southern Italy

Luppolo&Farina: pizza napoletana di Puglia.

Bina: Apulian Restaurant

Osteria Il Rosone: cucina tipica pugliese

Pizzeria Casa Pinto: not just a great pizza…

U’ Curdunn: Typical restaurant in the historic center of Locorotondo

Versa e Favella: Food & Beverage in Locorotondo

La grande musica, l’informazione in tempo reale, gli approfondimenti ed i talk show.

Rumore: da oltre 25 anni il mensile di riferimento per la cultura alternativa italiana.

Cartotecnica Guarnieri: leader nell’industria dei campionari

Solutions on the move

Since 1974 we have been extracting and working the stone of the Itria Valley

everything you need for your well-being