2021 Edition

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2021 Edition

“Intervallo” (Interval) is the key word upon which the 5th edition of Viva! (and the second in Covid time) is based. Actually, it is the very celebration of the holiness of a break, a sort of glorification of the so called “Meridian Thought” (the slowness of the South in opposition with the speedness of the North) carefully realized with passion in order to make the Itria Valley the right place for a creative conviviality. The amazing scenery and the breath taking landscapes of the Itria Valley are still the main character in a play that involves the white roofs of our “cummerse” together with the elegance of Aprile farmhouse and the evocative Calamasciola beach at sunset. A miracle performed by Mace, Nìdia, Nu Genea, BNKR44, LNDFK, Jupiter & Okwess e John Talabot.

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August the 5th
Mace talks with Massimo Oldani

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