You can find all types of tickets here

VIVA! Pass: allows access to the events on 2 and 3 August and the Unusual Breakfast (sunrise) on 4 August.

Thursday 1 August: the event has a dedicated ticket.

Single Day: access to the single day event

Access to Sunday’s events (sunrise at Egnazia Mare Agribeach) is allowed only to VIVA! Pass holders.

Yes, it will be possible to purchase them at the ticket office at the entrance. Payment is allowed only with POS.

Box office guidelines is here: https://vivafestival.it/infotermini-e-condizioni/

  • No helmets
  • No suitcases, duffle bags, large bags and backpacks over 10 lt are allowed.
  • No spray cans (mosquito repellents, deodorants, suntan lotions, etc…)
  • No stadium trumpets
  • It is forbidden to bring in or carry weaponsexplosive material, pyrotechnic articles, smoke candles and flares
  • No Stones, knives or other pointed or cutting objects
  • No chains
  • No pepper spray
  • No food
  • It is forbidden to bring in or carry narcotic drugs, poisons, toxic substances, flammable material
  • It is forbidden to access the venue and stay in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs
  • It is forbidden to bring in or sell inside the venue drinks and beverages in cans, glass bottles, metal flasks, or plastic bottles bigger than 0,5 lt (only bottles smaller than 0,5 lt and without cap are allowed)
  • It is forbidden to bring in animals of any kind and size
  • No selfie sticks and camera tripods
  • No umbrellas and sticks
  • No musical instruments
  • No laser pens and lights
  • No remote-controlled drones and airplanes
  • No audio/video recorder equipment
  • It is forbidden to bring in professional and semiprofessional cameras; no videocameras, GoPro, iPad, tablets, power banks
  • It is forbidden to bring in bikes, skateboards, roller skates and overboards
  • It is forbidden to bring in tents and sleeping bags
  • It is forbidden to bring in all other offending objects
  • It is forbidden to display any material obstructing visibility to other spectators or interfering with emergency signs or which, in any case, proves to be an obstacle to escape routes to the exits
  • It is forbidden to carry out any kind of commercial activity which has not been previously authorized in writing by the event organizer
  • It is forbidden to act aggressively towards people inside the venue
  • It is forbidden to damage or tamper in any way structures, infrastructures and facility equipment
  • It is forbidden to climb on balustrades, railings, partitions and other structures which are not meant for the audience
  • It is forbidden to stay both on access and exit paths and on any other escape route
  • Any person who is clearly in a state of drunkenness and/or is impaired for any other legitimate reason will be prevented from accessing the concert, although they might have a valid entrance ticket. People who will be in the above mentioned conditions during the event, causing nuisance or harassment to the audience, will be removed from the concert

We have a food court where you can taste Apulian delicacies.

We also have tables and benches for you to be comfortable and relaxed.

And a chill area all to yourself.

All payments are cashless. You can pay only with your electronic wristband

Viva! is a cashless festival: any payment can be made through a simple wristband with RFID wireless communication. Here you will find all the info: https://vivafestival.it/en/cashless-2/

In the following link can mark out a route on Google Maps

By train/bus: “Ferrovie del Sud Est” will bring you to us. Tickets available on “Ferrovie dello Stato” web site

By bike: You can rent your bike with Nolè Valle D’Itria

The Valle d’Itria Arena is a 20-minute walk from the centre of Locorotondo.
Parking in the urban centre, both free and paid, is managed by the municipality of Locorotondo.

We will communicate more specific information on the various accredited car parks shortly.


Camping dei Trulli (Alberobello, 9 km from venue): https://www.campingdeitrulli.it/
Camping Bosco Selva (Alberobello, 9 km from venue): http://www.campingboscoselva.it/

Or visit the official tourism portal of the destination Puglia