Viva! is a cashless festival: any payment can be made through a simple wristband with RFID wireless communication.


In order to avoid long waits and cash, to manage connection problems as well as to increase online safety.

Cool! How does it work?

It’s extremely smart: once you get started, upload the amount you need on  your wristband and you will be able to  pay for all our services: drinks, food and Viva! official merchandise!

At the bar, ordering your drink, the bartender scans your wristband which instantly processes the payment and  you are soon served.

Safe and cashless thanks to our Viva! Festival App downloadable on your smartphone. You will always be  up to date on your remaining credit.

How can I upload?

2 options available:

As easy as pie: with our app Viva! Festival ( IOS Android): but only after receiving and activating your wristband.

On our uploading points in the festival areas.

The minimum top-up is €10. There is no activation fee.

Need to charge more  money?

No problem! You can recharge whenever you need, choosing one of the above mentioned options.

When will I get my wristband?

Once you have bought your tickets for the festival on Dice, you can get your wristband by the entry of the festival area;

What about the money left on the wristband?

The ability to submit refund requests ended on Friday 11 August.

For all requests received by this date, the accuracy and completeness of the data entered will be checked.

Only refunds of more than €5 will be issued.

Payments will be made by 30 September 2023

For further information contact us by writing to: